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July 21st is Sengoku Basara’s 9th anniversary since its release of their very first game! (So technically that was yesterday in Japan, but y’know) Thanks for bringing so much ridiculous fun in my life and teaching me that giant robots and dancing samurais roamed around Japan back in the era of Sengoku. Hope you keep on partying!


Wahh you already got it?? 羨ましいw mine is at the post office but they don’t deliver today ((泣

AH I HOPE YOU RECEIVE IT SOON!! Just one more day before post office opens (if it’s Sunday there)! Masamune sama is touring around the world <3

thebasariankaoru replied to your photo: “Nya, I see people are enjoying Basara 4 <3 I also received mine two…”:
TOSAKU-DONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO QAAAQ Did you know how much I missed you?!?!? QAQ And aaaaaargh you already have it and I don’t, why Italy is so far away QAQ



Kaoru dono got the same edition with me right? The Tamatebako? (;w; ) dslkjfalskdf I’ll wait for you before I download the hakamasamune sama dkfjdslkfjal

Nya, I see people are enjoying Basara 4 <3

I also received mine two days ago!! <33

Masamune sama became too precious with his army and his Kojuju I was technically shaking that I can’t play properly. *Watches as everyone else finishes before me*

*Bows head in shame*


*Hears distant sound of crickets*

I’m sorry for being MIA for so long! Please have some Naotora Obasan! (;w; )

I don’t know what to say except I’m very sorry for disappearing all of a sudden. Thank you Hananas (hana4262) for communicating with my follower friends for me *huggles (Hana see, I’m not a bully)* and thank you for all those who left messages through her (;w; ). 

I’ve missed lots of fangirling with Basara-mates (;w; )! *Catches up*

Also, hello to new followers! *throws confetti* I don’t remember how many followers I had before I disappeared but I see lots of new names! Hello hello! I hope I can post some stuff sooner.

when you hear someone talking about an obsession of yours


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true friendship is having a full conversation on caps lock


Kojuro, requested by anon

Late Translation of PV #2

Because I got time, I thought to translate. Please just ignore if you’ve already seen a translation!

Note that there are two PVs which were shown in the Tokyo Game Show~ If there were some things in the flow of information before that were not in this PV, it’s probably from the 3rd PV. 

Anyway, here are the lines that came with the 2nd PV which plays with TM Revolution’s new song, COUNT ZERO!

Masamune: Hittou? NO! It’s Dragon King! All I have to do…. is to create a country where one can hope to see (a ray of) light!

Kojuurou: It’s the Dragon King’s… Masamune sama’s orders. I am going to have to make all of you (retreat from the battlefield). 

Matabee: Daaaaaate…… Your sentence is to die, to fall flat on the ground by my feet, and to have your face stomped on!!!


Naotora: You Takeda, I loathe! This blow…Know this as a the sorrowful cries of young maidens!!

Yukimura: Here we go, Sasuke! To Oyakata sama…. No, to Takeda Shingen, we’re going to flung a written challenge at him!!

Sasuke: There exists people like you that want to die so much huh…

Shingen: I am going to investigate/verify [the contents of] your soul!


Shikanosuke: Haru sama! Haru sama, where are youuuuu?

[In PV3, Shikanosuke is seen throwing the huge Shikasenbei]


Nobunaga: The body of the foolish Emperor, I shall have it firmly placed in the corner.

Akechi: Please tell me, Nobunaga-kou. Who in the world am I?

Katsuie: That person has also…. Slipped past my fingers. I am… alone.

[Katsuie got poured wine over his head by Nobunaga right? Like how Nobunaga did to Akechi in the anime

In the PV 3, Katsuie is seen getting thrown by BLACK HANDS and getting dragged by it]


Sakon: Aaaaaaaack. I can’t take it anymore! Please give me the orders! To go crush that bastard Ieyasu!

[In PV 3, when Sakon and Katsuie were confronting each other, Sakon goes “Ok, I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to bet you’re going to be able to get back up!”

Katsuie goes “That kind of wager will never be materialized. Even if I win or lose, I will die”]

Mitsunari: Shut it. Sakon. I am going to forget Ieyasu, and am going to continue living simply as Toyotomi’s subject.

Ieyasu: For what purpose did I leave the Toyotomi?

[Ahh I just noticed now that Ieyasu was using one of Yukimura’s spears to fight Yukimura one-on-one. Yukimura holding the other spear. Reminiscent of Takechiyochiyo]


Hanbee: Hideyoshi, you will be the founder of the line of family that will forever be protecting Japan.

Hideyoshi: I am going to correct the imbalance/distortion brought about the Shougun clan. The only thing that can make that possible, is my supreme power!


Yoshiteru: Burning, shouting, clamoring. These things themselves make up the world of humans. Come, friends, this is indeed the time of creation/initiation.